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  • Have you gone paleo, keto or vegan, but are still bloated?

  • Do you workout daily but can't lose the weight?

  • Are you having trouble thinking clearly, and it's scaring you?

  • Have you seen several alternative practitioners, and not found your answer?

After 14 years of working in natural medicine, I made a discovery.

We are fighting an invisible enemy: toxins. Even if you eat organic and try to be healthy, it's not enough. 

Toxins aren't just from factories or cars. They aren't just from toxic cleaning products or pesticides. Toxins are from beauty products, food residues, chronic viruses, mold, tap water & more.

Toxins interfere with:

  • How your hormones communicate

  • How you make energy

  • How you make fat cells.

I'm Bridgit Danner, and I want to be your personal toxins guru!

I want to help you reduce the toxic load inside and outside your body, so your amazing body can start working again.

I have had my own debilitating journey with overlooked toxins, and I know how it feels to be silently suffering, wondering what is wrong.

If you haven't downloaded my Five Easy Detox Swaps, download it here to get started. Then keep reading...


About Bridgit 


Bridgit Danner started her career in 2004 and has served thousands of women.

Bridgit Danner started her career in 2004 and has served thousands of women.

Bridgit Danner has been a licensed acupuncturist since 2004 and certified Functional Diagnostic practitioner since 2015. She gave over 12,000 treatments in her years working as an acupuncturist & led a staff of 10 at her practice.

Her interest in natural health grew from an interest in protecting the environment. Even as a child, she was donating her allowance to Greenpeace and writing cosmetic companies to ask about their practices!

While busy running an integrative wellness center in Portland, Oregon, she developed an environmental illness due to toxic mold in her home. Already experienced in hormone management and nutrition, she became acutely aware of the powerful impact of the environment on her health.  

She and her family lost their house and everything in it to toxic mold, and moved 1,000 miles to the Arizona desert to heal.

Bridgit now educates about toxins and detoxification through her blog, online programs, product shop and Facebook group. She also works with private clients on customized functional medicine protocols for healing.

About Hormone Detox Shop

"I feel like my whole life has lead me to what I am doing in this moment. From my concern for the environment as a child, to doing a hormonal nosedive postpartum, to dealing with toxic mold and a chronic viral infection...I am made for this work!

I am very passionate about supporting women's health so they can do great things. I am in awe of the power of us. 

If I can spark women to be environmental change-makers in their homes and communities as they learn of the dangers of toxins to our health, I will have lived my mission.

And if I can share this information in joy and sisterhood, then I know I've done it right." ~ Bridgit

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